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Keep the productivity and efficiency of your plant equipment and machinery up to date!
IVT Inspections brings unseen defects and problem areas to your attention, quickly and accurately using specialized NDT techniques.

Experianced pioneering company

  IVT Inspections is the specialist in NDT solutions, and the pioneer in IRIS inspections in Benelux. With 25 years of expertise using state-of-the-art equipment and a team of committed inspectors, IVT gets the tubular inspection results you can trust.


Your eyes and ears

We show critical defects that are not visible to the eye,. You get the data that gives you the most accurate measurement results, and we propose customized solutions that give you a clear view on current and future problem areas.
Our service is based on three NDT techniques: :

- Thermographic inspections up to temperatures of 2500°c
- Visual inspection of installations with camera and endoscopy
- IRIS Ultrasonics (Internal Rotary Inspection System)

Your quality and safety guaranteed

IVT maintains safety as a high priority – that of your staff, our inspectors, and other contractors. Our expert team starts an inspection only if we can check off all the safety conditions and quality requirements of the the ISO9001: 2008 quality system. We challenge ourselves and to maintain the VCA-P-time after time.

your peace of mind

Service & flexibility. You can count on us – 100% within 24 hours. Your phone call comes directly to your team leader, who immediately takes action. Because we know: your time is money.
Updated knowledge. Our inspectors are all experts in their fields, continually upgrading their knowledge with external training, because they want to be the best in their profession and because they want to present the most reliable results.
High-precision equipment. IVT consciously invests in innovative, state-of-the-art equipment: IRIS-equipment, explosion proof camera systems, long length endoscopes . Every day we perform precision work.
Reliable reporting. You get correct data results in complete reports.
Correct prices. IVT has transparent and competitive prices – always, even when we cross borders.








IRIS – Ultrasonics

What is the condition of your exchanger? As a pioneer and one of the only companies in the Benelux offering you IRIS technology (Internal Rotary Inspection System).

Video Endoscopy

Visually detects dirt, damage and corrosion, check your inside welds. Our video-endoscopes, cameras go where you can not go


Camera research

Explosion proof, and other camera systems inspect and document the condition of the pipes, tubes and process equipment.



Our Thermographic cameras measure surface temperatures up to 2500 °C.







IRIS: ultrasonic precision measurements

P1010643IRIS is an ultrasonic technique for measuring thickness of tubes in heat exchangers, air coolers, condensers and boilers and inspects both ferrous and non-ferrous tubing.
Are your pipes and tubes still in their original condition? With high resolution IRIS probes your IVT-expert team measures remaining tube wall thickness of your installed piping units from the inside – both around diameter and along the length. It shows where internal and external corrosion, pitting, channeling, fretting and bowing is occurring in the pipe walls and tells you exactly how much wall thickness remains. Baffles and fins have no influence on the measurements.

Accurate measurements
You know accurately to the micrometer where you need to take action to ensure the safety and reliability of your process equipment, or to calculate when a particular component needs to be replaced.

IRIS Results


Use IRIS technique to measure remaining wall thickness in both ferrous and non-ferrous pipes-between 10mm to 150mm ID. IRIS inspection supports the optimal and safe operation of your:

• heat exchangers, condensers and coolers.
• steam boilers and boiler pipes
• vertical heat exchangers
• Airfin coolers or banks.
• Miscellaneous plant piping

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VIDEO-ENDOSCOPY – efficiency testing

With industrial endoscopy we give you a clear view of the quality and efficiency of your process equipment and production machinery. You check for internal defects and damage to prevent problems. Length and depth defect measurements can be performed.

Up to 8 meters
IVT Inspections offers a wide range of different video endoscopes – various diameters and lengths up to 8 meters.

Endoscopy Results

  • see internal cleanliness of the tubes and pipes
  • see and measure internal corrosion
  • detect debris, damage and corrosion in hard-to-access areas
  • view welding and discolorations in weld zones in stainless steel pipes.
  • defect measurements and shadow probes (measurements using a shadow)

Applications video endoscopy

CAMERA research

Our camera systems have Razor-sharp images. IVT deliberately chooses the best camera systems on the market to enable us to perform the following inspections:

inspect tubes and pipes with diameters from 25 mm and lengths up to 250 metres.

Lasering measuring system, explosion proof cameras … our arsenal is equipped for all your assignments and all circumstances. crystal clear views – everywhere

examples camera inspections

Video Results

  • see internal cleanliness of the tubes and pipes.
  • detect internal corrosion
  • see debris, damage and corrosion in hard-to-access areas.
  • view welding and discolorations in weld zones in stainless steel pipes.
  • general examination of installed hardware






With Thermographic cameras we measure and analyze the surface temperatures of your installations and we ensure that heat losses are detected immediately.
Up to 2500 degrees Celsius
Our high-tech NEC Thermographic cameras can measure in the most challenging conditions : they give very precise image results in environments of – 40 to + 2500 degrees Celsius.
Themography Results

  • Detects heat loss, hotspots and cold-spots
  • Highlights inefficient insulation areas
  • Locates hotspots in electrical cabinets
  • Measures surface temperatures of boiler pipes with flame filter.

Applications thermography


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